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Occupational Therapy Support

A certain amount of basic technical knowledge of stairlifts can be important to enable professionals to advise their clients correctly about a stairlift or recommend the most suitable type of lift for the clients own staircase. 

For that reason, we at Advanced have developed Occupational Therapy Training days which consist of a presentation and “hands on” training on various types of lifts and equipment.  This is a half day session where each of the manufacturers we work in partnership with, and our own engineers get together and tailor make a training day to suit the Local Authority. 

Each person who attends these training days receives a certificate of training to go towards their personal development.  During these training days we also take the opportunity to inform the Occupational Therapists what is new in the market and available to them to offer their clients.

Working together with Occupational Therapists ensures the client gets the best lift for their needs.  Please see some of the recent questions we have been asked.

Do you offer bariatric lifts?

Yes, we have a range of lifts available, please see list below;

Harmar S1645E  |  32st  |  Available with an automatic mechanical hinge. No powered options available.  Straight Lift Only

Harmar S1600ep  |  43st  |  Available with an automatic mechanical hinge. No powered options available.  Straight Lift Only

Homeadapt Elite  |  30st  |  Available with a powered swivel, powered footrest and an automatic powered hinge.  Straight and Curved Lift

Handicare 1000  |  31st  |  Available with a powered swivel, powered footrest. Straight Lift Only

Platinum  |  25st  |  No powered options.  Curved Lift Only

Meditek  |  25st  |  Available with powered swivel, footrest linkage and powered hinge.  Straight lift only

My client has a very narrow staircase, is there something you can offer?

Yes, we have a range of options to suit the client and the stairwell, please see some options below;

Flow 2 – By using its patented power swivel system, the Flow curved stairlift can tackle staircases as narrow as 61cm (24 inches) wide, swivelling the footrest as it goes – the rail also sits closely to the stairs, making Flow the most adaptable stairlift in the world – no other stairlift can boast this.

Handicare Turn and Go – Turn and Go has been developed to help clients who have a very narrow staircase. Once seated the seat will turn automatically so that your back faces the stairs during travel and thereby move your knees away from clashing with the wall.

Platinum Ergo Space Seat – Specifically designed for narrow staircases, saves 60mm with a standard ERGO seat pad or 85mm with an ERGO plus seat pad.

I have a client who is unable to bend their knees and requires a stairlift, do you have something suitable?

Yes, we have a range of straight and curved Stand and Perch lifts available which are ideal for clients who have difficulty in bending their knees.

I am looking for an alternative to a hinged rail, is there something you can offer?

Yes, we have a straight lift which offers a unique alternative to a hinged track. The Slide Track is a solution available to straight stairlifts only.

This unique solution removes the need for a hinge, instead the track moves up the staircase at the same time as the seat is moving, leaving the doorway at the base of your stairs unobstructed.

I have a client with who experiences difficulties with their knees and joints when sitting down and standing up, is there something you can offer?

Yes, the Active Seat was designed in collaboration with physiotherapists and its patented system gently supports movement while sitting down or standing up.

With the new Active Seat for stairlifts, you can position the chair at a high level when it is time to sit down. This way, you will not have to strain yourself to sit. Once you are in the ride position, the chair can then be lowered down with you in it. This makes the simple things much easier.  This can be a relief on knees, back and arms.

There may also be a huge benefit to customers that are suffering from conditions that cause loss of balance like vertigo.

Do you provide a stairlift which can be fitted outside?

Yes, we do a range of straight and curved stairlifts that are suitable for external use subject to receiving the relevant permissions.

If you have a query about a  particular feature that is not mentioned above please do not hesitate to contact us on 01383 411400. Alternatively you can ask us a question here.

We are always happy to help!

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