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Stairlift Options and their Uses

By 16th March 2017Blog, Knowledgebank
Powered Swivel Seat

Below are a selection of options which you may not know are available that are worth considering when purchasing a stairlift. At the point of survey our surveyor will ask a few questions to establish the user’s needs and abilities  and then recommend any suitable options that may help the user when using the lift and also when transferring off the lift. Please note that some options can be retro fitted but it is much more expensive than ordering when new.

Powered swivel

All lifts come with a manual swivel which works by pushing a lever and using your feet and body to turn the carriage. It will then lock in at approximately 40 degrees. Pushing the lever and doing the same again and the carriage will lock in at around 80 degrees. For those that may find it difficult then the powered swivel will take all the effort out of turning the carriage at the top of the stairs. It works by pushing the operating toggle and the carriage will turn until you either release the toggle or  the carriage reaches its maximum  angle of 80 degrees. All curved and straight stairlifts offer this option


Powered footrest raiser

This is a useful option should you have difficulty bending. All lifts have a footrest that can manually fold either by bending down and lifting the footrest by hand or even by foot. If this is difficult then the Powered footrest option would be worth considering. It works simply by flicking a switch and the footrest will raise or lower accordingly. This option is not available on all stairlifts.


Powered hinge

A powered hinge is mandatory if stairs lead to an open walkway at the bottom of the stairs or if there is a door close to the bottom tread. The powered hinge retracts the last section of rail to prevent it from being a potential tripping hazard. Only certain straight and curved stairlifts offer this option


3 stop package

This is a useful option if you have a bathroom or a door that leads to another area of your property on a mid-landing. It allows the user to stop on the mid landing and then either continue up to the top landing or to go back down the stairs. It is also useful on a 3 storey property as it allows the carriage to stop on all 3 floors. The Flow 2 is the only lift to offer this option.


Continuous charge

All stairlifts are now battery operated so when not in use the carriage sits on a charge point which trickle charges the batteries. The continuous charge option allows the carriage to charge anywhere on the rail so if you don’t want the carriage sitting at the bottom of the stairs then you can send the carriage away and know the batteries are still being charged. This option is only available on certain straight stairlifts

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